Commercial Wood Window Installation Systems

Course Description: Water leakage through the building envelope continues to be one of the major reasons for litigation involving architects. This course provides an introduction to water management in commercial window systems. The course begins with a review of the basic principles involved in preventing water leakage in wall systems. The course then explores the ways that these basic principles can and should be applied to windows as well..

Water leakage prevention strategies for three distinct window applications − punched openings, ribbon windows and window walls − are explained, including a detailed case study of a large installation in a historic building. The course ends with a review of a series of strategies for ensuring that the performance specified for a commercial window system is actually achieved in the field.

Learning Objectives:

• Discuss the ways water penetrates the building envelope.
• Explain the concepts of water leakage and describe safe practices for preventing water leakage in buildings.
• Describe how window systems can be detailed into various wall types to minimize water leakage at the interface between the window and the wall, thus contributing to occupant health and welfare.
• Evaluate various strategies for ensuring that the specified performance is achieved so indoor environments are livable, comfortable, and healthy.

Photo: J. Michael Worthington, Jr.

Delivery: Live

Internal Course Code: P220

Duration: 1h

HSW Compatible: Yes

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