Glazing Strategies for Sound Control

Course Description: Creating a quieter, more comfortable building is essential to maintaining the health and well-being of occupants; exposure to noise has been linked to sleep disturbance, hypertension, dissatisfaction, and the ability to focus and complete tasks. Sound control starts with a focus on windows and doors, the weakest links in the building envelope for sound transmission. This course covers the elements of sound, the metrics used to measure sound attenuation, and the glazing and installation options best suited for an effective sound control strategy.

Learning Objectives:

• Explain why a sound control strategy matters in project design in terms of occupant health and well-being, workplace productivity, and comfort
• Identify basic sound properties, how they are measured, and the principles for controlling unwanted noise
• Describe glazing solutions that provide sound control to improve the comfort of indoor environments for building occupants
• Explain why site-specific acoustical testing may be necessary to provide the best glazing solution to meet project-specific requirements to maintain occupant health, productivity, and satisfaction.

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Internal Course Code: P3223

Duration: 1h

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